The style of filmmaking for our Feature “Cordially Invited”

The Film style I wanted to portray was inspired by famed director Robert Altman. The way he used large cast and had cast-members using overlapping dialogue was natural. Our film gives the impression of being that fly on the wall as you follow the wedding day of Alton and Kenya. The film’s screenplay also created a natural integrated experience of character study as they go back-in-forth between one another with their opinions and stereotypes of each family from different class levels, this made a dynamic experience for the viewer.

more to come.

Couple Ab

New View –

New View -

It’s time to strip it down, no need for all the bells and whistles, who has the time for that anyway. Break the content down to its bone, its structure. We move in nanoseconds now no time to sit and consume the whole cake just give me the dame icing and I’m on to the next! The bare essence/core. New site, New contacts. New everything.

Within the struggle comes insight into who’s really in your circle & who’s just circling around until the coast is clear!